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Real Name Carmen
Nicknames Shirley
Gender Female
Status Living
Home Planet Unknown
Species Fixit
Age 34
Likes Kilowatt, Music, Cute things, Her children, Justice, Fixing broken things
Dislikes War, Fights, Betrayers, Evil
Enemies Carlos
Hobbies Fixing broken things
I.Q Sapient
Abilities Fixing broken things, Flashlight, Carmen is very fast but not as strong as Kilowatt
Power level Average
Skill Love, Friendship
Greatest friends Kilowatt
Other friends Wheems, Flotsam, Jetsam
Favorite Color White, Light Blue, Green
Favorite Food Electricity, Scrap Metals
Personality Sweet, Shy, Modest, Creative, Sensitive, Soulful, Pacifist
Stamina 60/60
Alignment Good
Appearances MtP Lost in Space, MtP Forever, MtP Space Mayhem, MtP Batteries not Included

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