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Real Name Kilowatt
Nicknames Red
Gender Male
Status Living
Home Planet Unknown
Species Fix-Its
Age 35
Likes Carmen, Fixing broken things, Music, His children, Electricity
Dislikes Too many people around him, Betrayers, Evil
Enemies Carlos
Hobbies Fixing broken things
I.Q Sapient
Abilities He can repair anything, Electroshock, Laser pointer, Flashlight, Tazers
Power level High
Skill Leadership
Greatest friends Carmen
Other friends Wheems, Flotsam, Jetsam
Favorite Color Orange, Red, Grey
Favorite Food Electricity, Scrap metals
Personality Modest, Shy, Protective, Cautious, Considerate, Creative, Analytical, Wary, Pleasant if treated with respect and kindness
Stamina 90/90
Alignment Good
Appearances MtP Lost in Space, MtP Forever,

MtP Space Mayhem, MtP Batteries not Included