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Real Name Wheems
Nicknames Zoomer, Little Fella
Gender Male
Status Living
Home Planet Unknown
Species FixIt
Age 3 years old
Likes Exploring, Playing, Flying, his Mother and Father, Flotsam, Jetsam, Harry Noble, toys
Dislikes Mean People, Cars, Being Lonely
Enemies Mean guys
Hobbies Playing
I.Q Smart
Abilities Hyper Sound Hearing, Wheems was very smart but slower than Kilowatt and Carmen
Power level Low
Skill Creativity
Greatest friends Flotsam, Jetsam, Harry Noble
Other friends Kilowatt, Carmen
Favorite Color Metallic Yellow, Red
Favorite Food Electricity
Personality Playful, Clever, Curious, Easygoing, Childish
Stamina 10/10
Rivals Mean guys
Alignment Good
Appearances MtP Lost in Space, MtP Forever ,MtP Space Mayhem, MtP Batteries not Included